Sunday, 13 July 2014

The last few days (in brief)

Yes, I know - a blog is not a blog without photos . . but I don't have any so this is photoless, sorry.

We went shearing this morning (and yes, I know, I did say no more shearing for us this year but what can you do?!).  Early start to meet up with an Endell's vet to shear for His Lordship.  A little (an awful  lot) of carrot was involved at the start but finally it all came together and a group of lovely alpacas was left sunbathing, rolling and catching up on lost poo time.  I now have bags of nice blanket and a directive to make jumpers or a silk lined coat from it (need to look into that one!).

This afternoon we managed to check all alpacas and cria plus clear most of the barn ready for haymaking.  If I could just finish sorting my own fleece we would be pretty much caught up.

And I nearly forgot, yesterday we were at a fete talking alpaca.  Previously, in the week, I think we sheared something, I made more pickled beetroot, picked my first cauliflower and it was perfect, made some more jam, sent on some lambs, did a bit of fencing, plus various other things which I can't remember and I think I may have forgotten the library van again.

We now have too many cucumbers.


  1. You might catch the Library van on Wednesday, Rosemary.

  2. Hey do you find time to use the library van??? You can send some of those cucumbers over here!