Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Italian Job

Carl seems to have spent most of the last few evenings crawling around on bale stacks - good job he enjoys it!  When he has not been doing that he has been welding, cleaning up all the shearing gear to put away until next year (well, almost - we are off to Yorkshire soon!) or moaning about the sheep.  It is all his fault as he left the bailer up in third with the bale sledge on the back and the sheep have been using it a s a rubbing post and as a hay rack for them to eat the last bale directly from the back of the bailer.  Whilst they were having a good time they managed to unravel a whole reel of bailer twine and distribute it all over, in and around the bale sledge.  Carl is now muttering about having to rethred the knotter!

Visitors today, very glamorous ones, the language barrier was slightly challenging and I think I may have just sounded and looked like a real idiot but I did put quite a lot of, "Ciao bella" (that one should really only only be used by Italian men riding Vespa scooters. It's the law apparently. Not grey haired women with a lack of dress sense)  and,  "Buon giorno" in to make them feel at home. 

We did miss the fete but the weather was good for it after a very wet start - that was also a problem with out visitors as, most importantly, all alpacas were like drowned rats and, less importantly, so was I!

Off on an alpaca husbandry visit tomorrow followed by a visit to the Ellingham showground to check on what still needs to be done.  And we have to get a photo of some alpacas - far too wet today for any photography.

It's no good - I have tried my utmost not to write this but with a blog title like that what can you do, it is just too tempting!

"You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

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