Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ellingham Preparations

I have just finished my tea and it was excellent!  Stuffed tomatoes with potatoes cooked in olive oil followed by Greek yoghurt and peach conserve - all but the yoghurt and the olive oil came from the garden.  Excellent!

A busy day as, after we had done the husbandry visit, we went over to the Ellingham showground to check on preparations and see what we needed to do. 

It's a lovely site and things are starting to take shape, just got to organise barriers and sort out disinfectant mats, tables, microphones, catalogues, rosettes . . . Hopefully, we'll get there in the end.  Plus, after Karen started a tradition of cakes, I need to get cakes for the exhibitors!

Evening jobs are to check on Bert again - I am worried about her eyes.  Carl says they are not as bad as I think but I am going to put a drop more orbenin in just to be sure.  Carl has to get to Mother's to look at her leak and I need to get my next scarf finished,  washed and stretched.  I invested in a proper stretching mat with T pins and it makes a huge difference.

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  1. What's a stretching to see a photo! Can you use it when you have a bad back too?! Good luck with the show preparations.