Thursday, 28 August 2014

Those Pesky Chairs

After the rain -  everyone is asleep, well, almost everyone - I am not although I would like to be!

Since the last blog (which was a long time ago, as I was reminded in the library Van!)   We have been to Yorkshire, which was hectic.  We did manage to have two lovely meals out - one was a huge carvery, they have big appetites in Yorkshire.  After helping with a holiday let changeover we sheared a few alpacas and what with that and the meals out we had time for little else.  I had been looking forward to a relaxing hour or so in the Games Room but that was not to be for a variety of reasons - maybe next time when I think there will also be an outdoor assault course for me to enjoy!

I then collected some beautifully hand spun yarn which is destined to make a border on a christening shawl - very clever lady is Hilary!

Matings are almost finished now.  We did have one incident which was totally my fault and could have been a complete disaster.  Whilst the boys were doing their stuff (alpaca boys) Andy, Carl and I relaxed in garden chairs drinking coffee, eating Hob nobs and putting the world to rights.  Andy then had to leave at speed - more to do with the slope on our drive than a desire to depart - and in the chaos I forgot all about the garden chairs.  I let the girls back in the front paddock and when Sam came back he found little Rascal with both feet through one arm of the chair and her head through the other - no panic, just standing stock still.  She hadn't been stuck earlier when I checked them but thank goodness Sam released her before any damage was done.
The offending chair

Mind you, her name suits her personality - here some of the girls are in the holding pen (not exactly sure what Kristy is up to) and you can see Rascal has put herself into the catch pen and is not sure how to get out!

Las night we had a very good meal out at the Stapleton Arms and today I did the VAT return and nearly had a heart attack when my car gave up the ghost on the bridge coming out of Stur.  A little red spanner is now a permanent feature on my dashboard.   It did it just before when I turned into the vets (checking on paperwork) but I thought that was just me.  I managed to get it going again by chewing furiously on fruit pastilles and closing my eyes and it now awaits Carl's return!


  1. Oh dear, my sympathy re car troubles.
    My favourite solution to sudden strange car noises was to simply turn the radio up louder, drown them out, but nowadays, the radio's on the blink too!
    Better get myself some fruit pastilles……..

  2. Rascal certainly is, I suggest you call the next one Midas...worth a try!

  3. So Rosemary are you advising us to carry a red spanner or a packet of fruit pastiles!? I know which I'd prefer.

    You'll just have to replace those chairs with a nice soft bean bag for your paddock....far more alpaca friendly and Rascal and her pals could then chill out on it safely...she obviously couldn't work out how to sit on a chair!

  4. There is now a games room, with a trampo, pingpong badminton net and bats and cocks, swing ball, basket ball, darts. huge tiles you put on the floor for chess and drafts. swings and climbing frame .not to forget the hot tub games you failed to get involved in. !!!!!!