Monday, 4 August 2014

Stretching, with a little wire insertion to come!

Stretching mat, Judi!  Just a lot of interlocking foam mats - this is just one of them - and a set of pins with T shape top.

 It sounds more exciting than it is but it does mean I can pin out the lace knitting when damp and it then shows up the pattern better.  I  used to use a damp cloth and an iron but that flattened it out a bit.  I have also got some wires to stick up the sides which is a bit fiddly and that is what I shall be doing in a minute!
I have had a busy paperwork day filling in forms and making phone calls so it was a bit of light relief to have a good check over of the home alpacas - and a spot of halter work with Wonky and Tyke so they are ready for their new homes (I think they have been given some rather stunning new names!)  Tyke is completely laid back about it all  keeps checking Wonky is okay  - a little more of a baby about it all, Wonky!


  1. That scarf is lovely Rosemary and your stretching mat just gave me an idea, I think I need to borrow Faiths old alphabet mat ;-)

  2. Thank you Rosemary, now it is clearer!