Friday, 15 August 2014


I have been a bit blogging quiet as I have had rather a lot on my mind and life has been a little stressful.  However, the worst of the stressful moments is over and I am now spending less time in the bathroom feeling sick.

We are exporting some alpacas to Italy and with that comes reams of paperwork involving something called a ruminating ungulate, a form with lots of boxes to fill in and dire warnings of correct paperwork being needed - in fact if you speak to Live Exports in Carlisle  it is far easier than you think and they are very helpful.  But then, of course, there are the vet tests, and, however careful you try to be with your biosecurity, I cannot believe that many people don't have the odd moment of concern.  Anyway, it is done and all is well so more on that and the export process later - if anyone is interested!

Harry went out to do a mating which he loved but has made him a bit frisky ever since.  I had a frenzied sale of  knitting and am now left with a few hats, a couple of baby jumpers and a lonely scarf which means knitting has had to become a forced activity as I have a market to go to in about 6 weeks.

We are off to Yorkshire tomorrow morning (knitting all the way - well, I am, hopefully, Carl will be driving), leaving Sam in charge.  So today has been very busy watering, cleaning, checking, fussing - I know he will do it all but all the same!  I now have to attempt to mend my new trousers as the strain of all that extra stress related chocolate lead to the zip breaking free from it's moorings!

I shall get some lovely Yorkshire in the sun (or rain) pictures for next time.

Oh, and a nice SWAG newsletter with a good article on Apple Vale Alpacas - Good job, Mark!

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  1. Up north ... Keep going and pop in for a coffee ! Exporting now whatever next !!!! Jayne