Monday, 30 June 2014

TOY Show

I have just realised it has been some time since my last blog so I thought I had better have a catch up despite there being not much in the way of photos - the camera is out of batteries and so the photos are phone ones.  We have just about finished shearing for the year - two more booked in ones and then that is that!  We meet some very nice people when we are shearing and it is good to see so many people really enjoying their alpacas and keen to find out more about them.  Yesterday we had a day out at the Transport of Yesteryear Show in Weymouth.  This is a really poor photo  but shows what Trouble did all day - sat and made friends!

We have been going there for several years now and it is always a really good day out.  This year we had our best ever knitting sale day and what was so nice was people coming over who had bought things in previous years and adding items to their alpaca collection.  I met a lovely family here on holiday from Holland - good to think a scarf and hat will be being worn over there!  The young lady suggested I do snoods so that will be my next project, after I have finished  a very complicated vintage lace christening shawl.  Last night I could not sleep because I knew the row I was doing was wrong but couldn't work out why.  In the end I had to get up and go through it again - by 3.30am I had resolved the problem - the pattern had a misprint and a Knit 1 needed to be turned into a Knit 4!  I am quite proud of myself for sorting that one out.

Big day for some of the lambs on Wednesday as the first six are going to be weaned to go to their, very nice, new home.  One of them will not be Stumpy's baby - he is a big, fat soft lad who likes his comfort and has taken to lying on a mat in the shade!

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  1. Glad the shearing has been going well. I had just been thinking how important an experienced alpaca shearer is. After all you probably have a better inspection of the alpacas that you shear than many of their owners. So important for their general welfare not just getting their fleeces off.