Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lost legs

I fear I have a touch of sunstroke following a morning of fleece sorting in the blazing sun.  I have a most unprofessional set up this year due to having lost the legs of the shearing table; I have to balance the top on the trailer which is at the wrong height and in  direct sunlight - it was no fun at all!
And if you are wondering why I am letting the white anywhere near the black, I am going for a grey mix again as I am  out of grey and it is a good selling colour.
We have spent the time since the last blog dashing around shearing things but we are now nearly there.  Two longer distance ones at the weekend  - trips to Wales and Devon - and then three to fit in next week which will just leave one booked for July.  Most of the sheep still to do but all our alpacas are now done after a last effort last night.   I only get to go on the Wales trip as I am officially on baby watch now and both Flem and The Slink are looking possibilities.  Carolyn, the one at the back having a toilet moment, is also pregnant and she needs to come home as soon as possible as she is still on the hill.  Another job to fit in!
The garden is all looking a bit wilted - except for the various squashes which are enormous and spreading everywhere.  You should see the size of my marrows!

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