Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sheep shearing - a gentle start!

Husbandry visit this morning so we pottered off down the motorway, stopping for chips and a sausage bap on the way back.  Then I spent hours on the house phone trying to sort out my new mobile - still not sorted.  When Sam and Kristy came back I went up the field with them to make a start on the sheep - Kristy did the shearing with the rest of us watching which can't have been  pleasant for her!  All set up -

First fleece off -

Came home to cook tea and went to pick some carrots from the polytunnel (very pleased with them) and then took them with me to check the alpacas - Zara and Sapphire rushed over and ate all the leafy bits, they approve!

Tomorrow it is off to Essex to shear 3 sheep and a few alpacas - early start for them and I am home alone

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