Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A bit of a stroke

Just managed to sneak in a bit of shearing when Carl got back from the day job.  Only a few babies to do but it was good to get it done.  Rain has been threatening all day but so far it has been dry. 
Everyone was very glad to escape after shearing - I think some thought they were in for shearing again!  Or it may have been that they were escaping from me as I love stroking their necks when they are sheared!
We have been kept out of mischief by the Bath and West Show, shearing and delivering three little one's on Sunday.  I have now got to get some lambs sorted out for a new home - they are lucky and are going as pets - and prepare to say goodbye to Dobby and Cadders who also have a new home.  That is going to be an end of an era sort of goodbye as they were my first ever alpacas and the two who feature on our banner and at the top of the blog.  Someone wants them and it will be an excellent home where they will get lots of attention and care - so . . . They are not going for a couple of weeks so I have time to get used to the idea!

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