Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bodily meltdown

It is that time of year when I start to worry I am looking old and bedraggled (if I worried about it more often I might actually get to do something about it properly!).  So, I have been to the dentist (filling needed and I am eating too much fruit and succumbing to acid erosion), been to the optician (sun damage and then I heard them mentioning cataracts as they were putting it in the computer so I have had my sunglasses on constantly regardless of weather), hairdresser (no, a fringe will not suit me but I can have a sort of wispy bit), beautician (suspicion that I have a wonky eyebrow).  . . and my purchase of yet another pair of very cheap trousers in the Factory Shop was not a success.

However, the alpacas and the sheep do not care what I look like or which way my body is heading (I don't think Carl is that fussed either!).  More shearing in Devon tomorrow for Carl and Sam and ours get put back another day as I have already cleaned the shearing mat once today and I do not want to be doing it again!  Wonky and Tyke are still sticking close together following their shearing experience.
Carl's swallows in his shed are doing well.  I was worried they might be frightened off by the odd bit of welding, the air compressor, grinding and whatever else he gets up to but they seem to take it all in their stride.  Sometimes they sit on the light and just watch him.

And I now have two sweet peas in the poly tunnel!


  1. Don't worry about it Rosemary.....
    Most of the time l feel like a million dollars....
    ALL green and crinkly....!!! :>).

    Love the swallows to...
    At the mo! I'm well into Spring Watch...!
    Love It!