Sunday, 22 June 2014

Still smiling . . .

Lovely day out shearing in  Pembrokeshire yesterday - good little alpacas, lovely lunch, glorious scenery and great company - what more could you want?  Well a few photos of the estuary, some animals or glorious scenery might be nice but I forgot I had a camera on my phone until we were coming back over the bridge.
And, despite Carl having spent the entire day with me, he was still smiling (or is that a grimace?)!
Carl is in Devon shearing today and I have been sorting fleece - again.  I have two lots ready to be spun, one lot ready for stuffing a Chesterfied and one lot ready for a special commission for two  baby christening shawls.  Now I am in the middle of a big batch to go for throws on behalf of a client then  I can get on with sorting the rest of our fleeces - seems a bit never ending at the moment and this is not the weather to be doing it in!

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  1. Rosemary, I sympathise with you sorting and cleaning fleeces in this's hot work! At least we don't have as many as you but I'm dreading tackling a couple of the black ones as I can still picture them as haystacks whilst they were airing! All are very dusty too so it's a pretty dirty job, leaving me with a new perfume...the most desirable "odeur d'alpaga"...well the alpacas seem to like me wearing it!