Monday, 29 September 2014

Messing around

Bit of ebay watching at the moment as my Vehicular Consultant has an eye on something for me. Possibly more news on that one soon.

I have sadly decided I must put dear Yosser up for sale so Carl and I have been doing our photographic bit which is going very wrong.  Carl is having a great time but I am not sure about Yosser!

Yosser's friends can't work out what we are up to!  (note Fiesta/field vehicle in background!)

We have two husbandry visits to fit in this week and Carl is trying to rub down the bathroom in between times - we need to attempt to fit a shower in which is going to be a bit of a struggle.  I had a man round to give us a quote as Carl really hasn't got the time but he did not get back to me.  This was no surprise as no one ever seems to get back to me with quotes.  The window man came round and then never got back, the door man came round and never got back!  This is a black hole for quotes!

Here are my new girls who are gorgeous. 

They are like steam rollers, slow but persistent.  They get up late in the morning, they snore, they feed from your hand and some like a tickle round the ears.  If you want to roll them and they don't want to be rolled they just walk - and keep walking with me hanging off the side of them - they are very strong but as calm as cucumbers.
Each one has initials very neatly stencilled on their bottoms - IRA, JI, ORS, MI, FLA and two others I have forgotten . . . maybe it is the initials of their names but Carl thinks if we line them up in the right order it will say something!

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