Friday, 10 October 2014

Fame in Italy

Driving  past the triangle in the village this morning I encountered the Grave Digger in what I first took to be a bit of vandalism but it turned out he was mending the signpost!  He reminded me that I had not been writing my blog and was, therefore, wasting his time as he had to keep checking and there was nothing there.  Having done my morning jobs I am now putting that right!  I had a message from Greta in Italy this morning as Dude, the girls and her had made it into the Italian newspapers with a full page spread - Carl will be very excited to hear about that when he gets home.
We have had a lot of sheep tasks recently but they are now all up to date and it has culminated with the purchase of a Southdown Ram.  Yesterday we went to pick him up and he settled straight away - he is not in with the girls yet as I wanted to get him a new raddle.
His  temporary companions are Rammy Lamby and George - he is quite fond of Rammy Lamby which Rammy Lamby is not too pleased about!

I have been giving the zinc and rubbing in echinacea and Bert seems to show a tentative improvement.  She is easy to give the tablets to as I just bury them in apples.  Rascal is getting worse but things are not easy with the tablets.  She is fine with having cream rubbed on but will not eat out of my hand so I have to put the tablets down her throat.  I can do this but then she always manages to spit them out.  Some go in and out very many times and what I discovered yesterday is that even when I think they have gone down she can hold them there and spit them out up to 15 minutes later.  I am not sure whether she has actually had any tablets at all so a new plan will have to be made!


  1. Poor Rammie Lamby doesn't look as if he is big enough to put up much resistance...I think you should have a little chat with the new fella and point out that Rammie is not a ewe as it's the girls you bought him for so hope he doesn't fall for Rammie instead!!

  2. Wow! Famous in Italy!