Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Very sad.
Bert went today - well, technically she is still here in a wheelbarrow by the hedge, but to all intents and purposes I will not see her any more - well, I will, but not alive.  I have been out to check the wheelbarrow several times as I am afraid she might roll out as it is on a slope and she is stiff so her legs keep poking out the edges.  I suddenly thought she had been reborn as her head came out but it was only wishful thinking.  She was a real fighter - it took three lots of whatever it is but she is gone.
Johav was very good and he checked in the catch pen to see if the operation for her hip had worked and it had - joint was all in place but loose.  She had a heart problem in the end and probably was older than her registered age.  (I did remove everyone else from the catch pen before we looked).  Carolyn kept looking for her but by then Carl and I had removed her in the wheelbarrow - which was a bit of a job as her leg was loose and there were bits.
I don't think I am going to get over her being gone for some time but I did want to record her passing on the blog as she was such an important part of our life.  Things will not be the same without her and I hope I made the right decision.
I really wish she was still here.


  1. So sorry Rosemary. You made the right decision. She had a great life with you, you could do no more.

  2. I'll second Marks comments Rosemary. Bert will keep a watchful eye over you and the herd from a pain free field in the sky. Big hugs. x

  3. Rosemary, undoubtedly you did the best thing for her, and your underlying great sense of humour at a difficult time will see you through, mostly helped by the rest of the herd who you'll give the same care to each day.

  4. Despite watching each day, I've somehow missed this post until now so only just caught up with your news Rosemary. Big hugs from over here and hang onto all those wonderful memories of Bert.