Monday, 3 November 2014

Happiness is a SportTrack

New tyres soon
Kirsty MacColl on the CD

Pouring with rain and the windscreen leaks if you park up hill - brilliant!!

Feet, feet and more feet at the weekend.  Not ours - alpaca husbandry visits.  Saw Striker again - one of Carolyn's - who is now called Spike and still has a cracking fleece.

The new bath and shower is being fitted as I type and is not going well.

Off to Tiverton at the weekend to collect another purchase - and maybe Penrith soon but I haven't worked out if it is Penrith in Cornwall or Penrith in Cumbra

Rain means no alpaca looks good enough for a photo.  So here is an old one of Yosser from the same date - grass was much shorter but sun looks brighter!
Bert is still, in my thoughts and always will be but they are happy thoughts, last night I dreamt about how soft her chin was.


  1. A trip to Cornwall might be nice but not if your purchase is closer to home!! Bert will be looking down with a smile on her face goes on at the farm and it's still as hectic as ever!!

  2. Glad to see that the 'bonkers' woman is back on the blog (yes, I said BLOG!)