Thursday, 13 November 2014

I am the 74th Emergency Service

I am afraid the photos are not vey good and my computer has reached critical mass so it takes ages to do anything - we struggle on, wading through treacle, peering through marshmallows, in a glass darkly, up the Khyber and all the rest of it. . .

Yesterday saw a lorry stuck in the field - as I was helping unload, he might as well have parked outside the gate.  I was under the mistaken impression that he would unload with a little pocket forklift - or at least have a tiny man in his cab who he could release to assist - turns out I was the helper.  Anyway, once unloaded he prepared to leave which did not go well.  When driving over/through mud I go for the Rock and Roll approach - slow and steady with the merest hint of brake or accelerator - Lorry Lad went for maximum power.  Monster Truck raced to the barn and collected two cow mats on the bonnet which me and Lorry Lad placed under the wheels - still no go.  I then raced back down (Rock and Roll does not apply to Monster Truck as it is, in the words of Sam, a Weapon!) and collected everything which might assist - sacking, mat from my car. other stuff - - all to no avail.  Lorry Lad was still remarkably cheerful which may have had something to do with the fact that by now I was caked in mud and soaked to the skin whilst he remained pristine.  I suggested the ultimate plan - I push the front of his lorry with my Monster Truck whilst he just sat there in reverse with brake off.  He was quite impressed with this plan so I lined up to ram him - - at this moment Carl arrived which Carl think is a good thing as the front of the lorry was plastic and new.  Carl insisted on going to get the tractor and towing him out.  I think my plan would have been far more fun.

What was wrong with the alpacas this afternoon I do not know.  They were soaked and all pronking round the paddock - even the old girls - and Bianca pronking is a sight to behold - her tummy wobbles!
I have to sort the camera out - sorry!

And the bathroom saga continues (not sure if I have mentioned this drama before)  the bath is now the right way round - how anyone would imagine I want to sit in a brand new bath with a shower over my head I do not know and how the man can have the cheek to tell me he fits lots with showers over peoples' heads!  BUT despite the tiling being done the first fix wiring for the shower has not been done and the firm said they forgot!  How can you forget to do the wiring for an electric shower.  To add insult to injury the arrogant man at TES is not even having the courtesy to phone me back and tell me when he plans to sort it out!  Grrrr!!

I shall now be knitting - quietly knitting - - with chocolate!


  1. Oh dear, well come and have some fun in our games room, there is always the trampoline

  2. Oh for your games room!!!!!!!!!! I haven't blogged for a while - haven't had the heart for it due to Bert.

    Must do a blog again!