Monday, 13 October 2014


There are good times with alpacas and there are bad times.  Some alpacas are extra special.  Bert is the best and she has had many troubles.  Last time the vet came he said there was no more he could do.  I think I have to make the phone call and get him back again.


  1. So sorry, know just how you must be feeling as we were the same when we had to let Pegassou go a couple of years ago. It's heart breaking and even more so when it's an alpaca as gentle and friendly as Bert. We love them but have to say "Goodbye" when we'd otherwise be keeping them going just because this would be the least painful option for us...but not for them. Big hugs to you all. xx

  2. So sorry to read this Rosemary, it's an awful call to have to make, but it's because you love them so much that you have to do it. Big hugs. xxx

  3. A nice pictorial tribute Rosemary, you're doing what's best for her.