Friday, 26 September 2014


First, a grovelling apology!  If you read this, Hilary, you will know I didn't make it - a ewe with mastitis - I really will bring fleece on Monday!!

On inspecting the sheep I noticed an odd looking teat on George - Mastitis - luckily  I had a tube of the squirt up the teat antibiotics so I am hoping she will be okay.  I then had a phone call which had me scuttling down to Goose Farm and I have made a little purchase which I have not told Carl about yet. He may get a bit annoyed but I think I can talk him round.  More on that  tomorrow!

Then it was a quick trip to Stur to get some Echinacea for Rascal.  Now, I may have made a bit of a mistake here as what I ended up with was a liquid - and a very expensive one at that - which had me a bit flummoxed as I was expecting to rub it on her ear not try to make her swallow it.  In the end I compromised and gave her 5ml as a drench which she really enjoyed despite it smelling foul to me.  I then mixed a bit with some, equally expensive, face cream and rubbed that on the right hand ear with ordinary udder cream on the left ear.  She likes her ears rubbed.

This is a bit unclear but kind of shows you her ears at the moment.
I have a couple of other suggestions but I am going to see what happens with his first and go from there.  Everyone else is doing well.  I only have two cria this year but they are both growing well.  This is Flem's little girl.
Tyke and Wonky are still here at the moment and are both gorgeous.  Tyke will insist on rolling and getting covered in dust!

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