Friday, 19 September 2014


This was, apparently, a game Carl played at Ealing Infant School (or Little School as he calls it) - this was when he was an Infant and not in a creepy way now he is older.  It involved all the boys running around holding hands until every boy formed a long chain and then, I think, it turned into a sort of British Bulldog - or just a plain old fight.  Would be banned nowadays!  Anyway, that was my chant this morning as I have a very difficult day coming up and I need someone strong, large and of a very laid back disposition.  Luckily, Carl responded to my plaintive plea and he is going to have an afternoon off and be my man - he is strong and laid back although not very large!

I have no more worries for the moment other than Bert whose walking is getting worse and whose eyes are going cloudy.  The vet has seen her but can do no more for her legs - I do not want to get him back at the moment as he go that shaky head, ominous look last time.  They all went in the orchard tonight - Bert can still find the apples alright!  She starts by putting them in her mouth and sucking them.
And then it all gets very undignified!
The trees are looking a little bare now!

Photos are not very good as I had  to resort to the camera due to not being able to trust them on their own while I found the proper camera.  They are NOT allowed to eat the medlar but take no notice and go right ahead and eat it!


  1. Hope Bert defies the vets shaky head...after all you know what they say about "An apple a day...!"

    When we let ours have apples, it seems to go through into the milk and upset the crias tummies...maybe Bramleys are a little too large and acidic!