Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Hot here today - made even hotter by me choosing to get to grips with the greenhouse!

Not much action in the alpaca paddocks - everyone seems to be either asleep or almost asleep.
Apart from these two!  And they were asleep a couple of minutes after I had taken the photo.

So - what's been happening?  Not too much really!  I gave a talk to the Ladies Luncheon Club in Verwood which I enjoyed, may have bored them to tears but I hope not!  We went to a BBQ with mother and I had a bit of a fleece rummage at Reddingvale - nice afternoon as the Mighty Brown Man appeared and there was a good bit of gossip - I couldn't contribute much as I knew no worthy gossip.  Now we are about to go off on a visit to see a delightful male alpaca with a bit of a problem in his nether regions and then get ready for shearing (yes, really, shearing in the middle of September) tomorrow evening.  Meanwhile, out the back, the Gravedigger and son are digging a hole - a hole which involves a tractor and a digger - room for a good few bodies in there!


  1. Hey where did you get all those lovely coloured alpacas? Looks like you've been sneaking round here with a camera!

    The Mighty Brown Man (I like that!)

    1. Stealthily infiltrating the dark side!