Friday, 12 September 2014

Sheep kerfuffles

Bit of a day filled with disasters!  When I checked the sheep this morning I couldn't find George's lamb.  He was part bottle fed - he should be going to slaughter but is too  friendly and he somehow found his way into the keeping paddock - but I couldn't find him.  Eventually I heard a faint little bleat from the bottom corner and there he was with his back leg tied to the fence post with a bit of bailer twine.  How on earth that happened I do not know - he has been released and suffered no damage - thank goodness.  The rest of the lambs are ready to go on this weekend.  Just got to ear tag tomorrow.

Then, whilst  trying to negotiate the gate to the sheep paddock with no brakes I managed to  let three ewes escape -- luckily they were easy to capture but they have now ended up looking guilty in the wrong paddock.

Then I attempted a -photo shoot with Greeves who really has to go on the sales  list - but the batteries ran out on the camera - again, teach me not to buy cheap batteries!

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