Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Womble prepares himself

I can honestly say that things are going a little crazy here at the moment.  I have actually made several knitwear sales without even trying, I have only a carrier bag full of fleece left,  Most of next year's yarn is earmarked before it is even processed, we are booked up with other peoples toenails, visits etc almost completely every weekend until the middle of November.  My feet are not touching the ground and I was very glad of a little help with a bit of (not hugely successful) halter training and sheep feeding today.  The sheep feeding of the Teaser ram and his band of goons was easy as they are all greedy.  They do not need feeding but I need them really well bucket trained as Womble, the teaser, has to make the long walk tomorrow,  on his own, across a 10 acre field to be introduced to the ewes!

Zara had her next Nuflor and a bit more squeezing this afternoon which was disgusting and luckily happened after I met the GHN and was able to enlighten her which I am sure the Knight will be most pleased about!


  1. Epsom Salts are great for Abscesses to help eradicate the infection ...! (mix a good amount in warm water and bathe) I use it for hoof abscesses and after steeping the affected area for approx 20 mins, then usually in a couple of days the abscess usually errupts, thought it might be worth a try ..... Jayne

  2. Thank you, Jayne - will try that