Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I can barely contain myself as I have happiness bursting out of my pores!  Admittedly it may be a little premature and I must not say why I am unable to sit still for more than a minute at a time - I will just say apricot tree (never even knew you could grow them in this country) alpacas out the back door and chatting over the fence with the Grave Digger.  Enough of that for now!

Weather has turned really nice today after a gloomy start, all animals are well apart from poor Zara who has an abscess in an odd place - just under her chin.  It has now burst, quite dramatically and I have spent several days squeezing it which she actually likes.  She is on Nuflor at quite a heavy dose and is perfectly alright in herself apart from being thin.

Carl has been busy helping someone move house (incidentally, related to a past vicar at Ibberton).

I have been checking the feed this afternoon as Carl says winter may be a hard one.  We were talking about this over tea and Sam now feels sick - his normal reaction when he gets really excited at the hint of snow!

And finally, some very wet girls from yesterday!


  1. Oooh fantastic, so pleased for you!!!

    Good luck with the abscess squeezing, I'm still getting a little puss from Emery who has been receiving treatment since May!

  2. Rosemary!! You are such a tease! What's your news????? :) Lisa