Friday, 11 October 2013

Alarms, trips and talks

No pictures, sorry.  Carl went off beating today and had the camera in the truck with him.  I am still suffering from a horrid cold and so have been crawling round, muttering.  We are in the middle of trying to make an important decision and having a cold at this time is not helping!

Yesterday was a  Mother crisis day.  First she had an alarm going off which she thought was her boiler on the verge of exploding - turned out it was her carbon monoxide detector out of batteries.  Then she had no power in her sockets - broken lamp tripping the switches.  Carl and I managed to pick up lots of poo using Sam's land rover to tow the poo picker.  My Mule is still suffering a snapped drive belt but we are getting a new one tomorrow so I shall have a joyful week of catching up on the poo.

Wednesday night we were out doing our talk on alpacas.  That was fun  but I over ran my time as usual - they said it was okay but I fear one poor lady may have drifted off to sleep.  Apparently Carl was doing those wrap it up now signals at me but I just thought he was feeling cold so ignored him!

Tomorrow is yet another busy day as we have to collect and fit the drive belt, Carl is helping fix someone elses poo picker, I have to talk to the money man and finish a pair of gloves (knitting depleted from the talk).

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  1. Sorry your cold is hanging on...know how you's miserable isn't it?! Get well soon!