Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Cria drama now over - I am a little twitchy at the moment and jumping at the first sign of anything which is not good news for the next vets bill.
Today the weather is murky and horrid but luckily I have had to come home to wait for some fleece to arrive.   Can't even see half the alpacas today.

 I shall spend an hour trying to finish a special pair of gloves for a very special lady - but that is if I can settle as we are off to visit something tonight which is potentially life changing.  I was told off last week for putting cliff hangers in the blog and then forgetting to say how things worked out so I have stuck that bit in the middle and if I don't say how it works out I will be because it didn't!

Last week I responded to the BAS email about a parasite survey and the offer of 5 free faecal tests - well worth it

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