Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Beam me up, Scotty

Little Rascal, Trouble's cria, has to get in every photo!

We have been rather busy!  I was expecting a lull now all births are well and truly over but that hasn't really happened.  Yesterday we were busy with our 'adopted herd'  who behaved beautifully and did not escape into the tennis courts or rampage through the formal gardens as I had envisaged.  We then had all ours to check and worm which was accomplished without any dramas.  Today we have been delivering fleece and knitting and I actually went clothes shopping.  Only to Matalan but I have to say I actually enjoyed it and came away with a pair of trousers and a T shirt.  I almost came away with a beautiful pair of red shoes with 4 inch heels which I am still lusting over - but £100 was just too much for me!  I bought a bottle of Cydectin in Mole Valley instead.  Now I must get ready for a talk on alpacas we are doing tomorrow night, hopefully my cold will ease by then.  I can't sit down with the boys as they are annoying me - firstly, they sat in the kitchen talking and looking at photos of the dashboard on Sam's tractor at work whilst letting the rice boil dry. 
 Secondly, Carl has discovered the only way to get the TV buzzer to work is to point it at Sam's head, any other way and the channels will not change.  They find this very funny!


  1. How our lives change eh, Cydectin over shoes!

  2. Some how I can see you poo picking ... in the RED 4" Heels !! Mind you I think I would have picked the Cydectin as well ....Jayne