Sunday, 6 October 2013

Spick and Span shelters

A very nice weather day today and I ended up in shorts which is not bad for October - mind you, some of that may be due to a lingering cold.

We are trying a new way of keeping the field shelters clean.  Mats in the bottom so I can clean them out more easily as my girls all seem to have decided to use the field shelters as toilets.  So far the mats are working brilliantly - no poo whatsoever in any field shelter.  Sadly, the reason for this is that no alpaca will set foot on a mat!  I may have to rethink that one!

All sheep moved and sorted today, livestock trailer had a bit of a mechanical overhaul and Sam and I got down to a bit more halter training. This went well except Sam does not seem to understand the concept of taking a photo without his mother looking enormous in it.


  1. We have mats in our field shelter (the ones without concrete floors). We find that they work really well. It's the same old story, once someone has pooed on them they all do. We feed ours in the shelter so they are always keen to go in.

  2. You look fine Rosemary...anyway, when there are alpacas in the picture, that's where we're all eyes are drawn!

    Told Ron about your "mat experience" and his comment was that, maybe, they don't like the patterns!