Thursday, 3 October 2013


First rule of life - if it can go wrong, it will!  Carl says I am a pessimist.

Last night a friend brought her fleece over ready for Shaun Daniels who was coming over to collect first thing.  There was no more room in the house so we stored it ready in the garage.  I got up early to go and do the animals and then arrived back at 8am to wait for Shaun's arrival and have a leisurely coffee.. . . and I suddenly remembered that I had no key to the garage as it was with the estate agents.  Never mind, the garage has a big electronic door . . . but Sam had parked his (waiting to be sold) Landrover across the front of it.  A desperate search and I found his keys and gingerly moved it forward . . . only to find that Sam had disconnected the buzzer thing so no one accidentally garrotted his Landrover.  Mad phone call to Carl who was, very luckily, fixing a forklift in Blandford.  This meant a manic dash through the fog to collect a key - all the time panicking that Shaun would arrive.  Luckily, he was caught up in traffic and I made it!  Came all the way from Yorkshire this morning.

Very pleased with the amount for the fleece! . . but now I have to clear up stray fleece from the hall, the stairs . . Much easier doing it in a barn.

And the life changing visit?  It was good!  Maybe . . .  (bit of a cliff hanger there especially for the parfit gentil knight!).

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