Saturday, 24 December 2011

A very happy Christmas to all!

All is now, almost done!  Just the electric fence to go on, the chickens to lock up, Sam to get back from work, a stocking to fill and then we can relax!

The cats are already relaxing - asleep on Sam's bed!

The dog is in a state of nerves and keeps dragging presents out from the tree - luckily she is just staring longingly at them and not actually unwrapping!

The alpacas are looking expectant - but probably only for carrots!

Lots of mud this year - as you can see but at least it has made getting to the fields easier.  Strangely everyone else's paddocks look far cleaner!  Take a look at this marvellous mud free Festive field shelter in France!  Brilliant Judi!

Jayne has gone for the Decorate an alpaca and human look - do take a look at the magnificent golden moustache!!  Not on Jayne, I hasten to add!!!!

So, a very happy Christmas to you all - and thank you for reading!!


  1. Have a good one....and see you ....soonish !!
    Lets hope 2012 brings you what you are looking for.....'every thing comes to those who wait' so they say !......Jayne

  2. A very happy Christmas...through the rough and the smooth you have kept us amused...wishing you all the best for 2012!

  3. Merry Christmas to you all!
    You know where I'll be hiding, if it all gets too much...

  4. Merry Christmas! Your place looks cosy :-)