Friday, 9 December 2011

An Encounter with a Traffic Warden

Yesterday I took Mum into Stur to do some of her Christmas shopping.  I parked in the car park and got, I thought, a ticket for 2 hours.  I thought wrong!  I ambled back to the car while Mum went in the Coop only to see a traffic  warden photographing my car.  Charged over, bags flying and told him how incredibly stupid I was - thought I had got a 2 hour ticket and resignedly prepared to take the ticket and pay the fine.  But no, he wished me Happy Christmas and said it was fine!!

The wind was strong last night and the sheets have blown off the barn - no where near the northern weather though and I am hoping all is well up there.  I have been flitting between fields and house trying to think about both animals and Christmas at the same time - not working very well.  Bert had a very sleepy day.  I think either the wind kept her up or she has been spending too much time preparing for Christmas!
The three little girls are only into rear end photos at the moment - String, Bea and Slink, Bea has a red spot on her leg so I can tell which is her and which is String!
And poor Yossarian has finally settled with the boys!

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  1. What Christmas spirit...glad to hear that pleading 'stupid' did the trick although it was probably your charm that did it...I once cried...that worked too (I was a lot younger and slimmer at the time...would look very stupid indeed now!)