Saturday, 3 December 2011

Talking dogs and investment opportunities

It has been a busy day today and we have only just got back.  Sam is now ill, he has a horrible cold and is curled up on the settee sniffing and moaning.  He didn't finish work until six and has been working every day for weeks - I think he has just got thoroughly run down.  It looks like tomorrow he may have to give up and languish in bed!

We were off early to start the day with a bit of car dealing - thankfully we are now one car down and it is only Uncle Festa who is still lurking, waiting to be removed as he does have a new owner.  Further negotiations meant we now have a trifle more room in the barn which was good as I then had to get the girls in for their check over.  Flem had a bit more work on the abscess and Axle had a bit of poking and prodding.

It was then a quick trip out and that was quite an eye opener.  We went to look at a possible investment - and bumped into Andy and Viv from Reddingvale at the same time.  I think both Viv and I were quite speechless over this 'investment opportunity', Carl definitely warmed to it and Andy was in his element!  Coffee afterwards (and I have never before heard a dog say 'Mumma' so convincingly) - I have a feeling Andy could be a late entrant to the Festive Field Shelter competition, he was rather coy over the form of decoration he might be using but there was a certain competitive gleam in his eye!

We then raced back to do the sheep feet but some visitors in the late afternoon meant that sheep feet is a job for tomorrow.

I will take a photo tomorrow - I did aim to do some today and had a lovely shot lined up of Cassie charging straight for me in search of apple - she has a real turn of speed for a lady of mature years - only to find at the critical moment that I had forgotten to insert the camera card.

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  1. An investment opportunity eh...... looking forward to hearing about this!