Saturday, 10 December 2011

Come on Barbie, Let's go Party

We needed to be up and out early this morning as we had an appointment to help with feet and vitamins and our animals needed sorting first.  All seemed to be going to plan except there was ice on the water which needed breaking and the hay in the barn was collapsing a bit after the high winds.  In the end this meant we were a trifle late for our appointment but it was a fun morning meeting old friends  - including the enormous young boy who is Carl's particular friend - I fear the feeling is not quite mutual and Carl did get a rather hefty kick in an area he did not want me to check out for him!

All done and we headed off to the Marines to take a look at the pink truck.  It is only pink in a certain light and I think it is officially known as Shiraz - or that is what the hefty builder who is selling it calls it!  After a bit of toing and froing over prices it looks like we may be soon driving around in the Barbie Truck!  I can't really understand how we keep talking about reducing vehicles and yet we own more and more - the D-Bat, the original moped, the current truck and Uncle Festa all MUST go!

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