Wednesday, 7 December 2011

All in Pink . . .

Carl has a heavy cold - in fact he is at death's door - in fact how he managed to eat all his tea is beyond me.  Despite this he has suddenly cheered up due to having been offered the possibility of a new truck.  I have not agreed yet but this has not stopped him enumerating all of its virtues - chief amongst them appears to be the fact that it is pink!  He has told me it is pink several times now and all I really want to know is how much the tax and insurance will be and where he intends to keep it whilst getting rid of the old truck (I don't think there is anything wrong with the old truck except that you have to get out and fiddle with the wheels to get it in and out of four wheel drive).  We will see . .

Bert had a bit of a paddy tonight.  She was hoping to have carrots as she had seen me giving the other girls some this afternoon.  When I  went in she jumped up and came sniffing around only to get very disappointed when she saw I was just cleaning out the water trough.  I cleaned and refilled and - I am sure this was deliberate - she went over and tipped it up!

Axle is still a midget (skinny is the worst thing) and I cannot find the stuff I was recommended - sounds a bit like codeine, I think, and apparently it is used in Australia to help with growth issues.  Any ideas?
Axle is at the front with Trouble, the bottle fed, behind.


  1. oooooO! If it's pink......
    Buy It! Buy It! Buy It! :0).

    Just to mention....I've just Googled 'Growth issues in alpacas'.....Worth a look Rosemary...!

  2. Maybe we should form a "midget alpacas" club...our Ebony will join Axle and Barbara may have a little girl who might join Axle and Ebony!!

  3. We have a female "Choc Ice" who could join the club as well