Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nearly Christmas!

As usual, Christmas has come upon me!  I have iced the cake, bought and wrapped the presents but I still have to clean the house, buy some food and find clothes which are not covered in mud.  That will, however, have to wait until the sheep have been moved, alpaca food bought, new hay rack constructed for Bert (she broke the old one).  I think she feels a little sorry about it - or maybe she is just planning her next misdemeanour (Zara is in the backgound, looking  grumpy because she can't quite get the hang of carrots and  keeps dropping them).
I left out Bert's legs as they are filthy and she looks pretty clean at the top.  Long distance shots also seem to work in this weather - Here is Greeves.
And finally - Trouble, Bert's baby.  She has recovered from whatever was wrong with her but I have gone back to giving her a night time bottle.  I relented as I was so worried she was going to expire on me!
And, talking of gorgeous  young ladies, for a better idea than my rather weak attempt at a Festive field shelter go to -


  1. The festive field shelters was a great idea...I'm hoping to get one done but, like everyone, there just seems to be far too much to do...fingers crossed...well as long as it doesn't rain!!
    By the way, your alpacas do look far too clean...have they been hosed down with the Karcher and dried off with the leaf blower??!!

  2. Thanks Rosemary...but I do think that I took the lazy option...have a fantastic so deserve it!