Sunday, 10 July 2011

A visit from the Midwife . . and wife!

Bit of a strange 'will she? won't she?' day to today with Bert.  I kept thinking I might have to spring into action - about 4pm lots of rolling was going on and I did have a little chat with Bert and told her to either have it immediately or hang on for a couple of hours as we were awaiting the arrival of Reddingvale and I know Andy is something of a dab hand at delivering cria at the moment - has 'em out and running  before a vet has a chance to appear on the scene, whatever the presentation!

Well,  she held on and Viv and Andy arrived to perform a little mating - not personally of course!  I as usual was very jealous of their van - particularly the number plate.
I hope the picture is clear enough - I am now saving them a different way from the old Picasso way to make them easier and smaller to upload so this is a bit of a trial uploading.

Anyway, successful mating, biscuits eaten, coffee drunk - time to have a look at the babies.  No one behaved themselves very well - Flamenco, Lina and Emily were all trying to mate with each other.  Lina ran round screeching and trying to bite Emily's ear off.  Tilbo hobbled, String ran away  - general disorganised chaos really!  In my dreams I would be walking round elegantly in denim shorts, stilettos and wearing a diamante stetson whilst gesturing elegantly at peacefully grazing, immaculate cria and their mums with visitors  sighing,  "Ohh!  the crimp is outstanding!  Gosh, I can't believe the lustre!  That's a Supreme Champion if ever I saw one!  Just feel the density, Malcolm . . . "  Ah, well - probably twist my ankle and fall flat on my face!

 . . .  and as Viv and Andy drove off into the setting sun Bertie rolled . . . then rolled again . . . then farted loudly!


  1. Slightly too much information...on the last....paragraph !....really I was just trying to imagine you in the denim shorts and the stilettos !....I don't think I was ready for the sound effects as well !!!............Jayne

  2. Would you then grab a glass of champagne,(from the bottle always chilling in te fridge), and sit on the patio, beside the pool, watching someone else clear the poo?! It's ok to fantasize a little but, ...and be honest now, which life would you really want?! Whoops, I hope it was the right answer!!!