Friday, 1 July 2011

Solitary Bert

Bert has spent all day on her own today - I don't want her having her baby yet, she is not 11 months until next week.
The babies have discovered the rolling pit and are desperate for everyone else to get out so they can have a go.

Tilbo's ears have now straightened and his tape is off - which means he looks a little more normal, but still cross! The hay has been woofled and is drying beautifully but there are one or two ominous clouds in the sky!


  1. Let hope Bert holds on, but I sure it will be fine if she is early, I have one girl always gives birth 3 weeks early, and my Suri girls have been giving birth 4 weeks early!! Gave me quite a shock the first year, as I was waiting for another girl to give birth, I got a phone call from my daughter that we had a girl in labour, but I when I got home it wasn't the one I was expecting. All was fine and they have proceeded to do it every year since, so now I mark the calendar a month early for these girls. (and this seems to be normal for all my Suri girls).


  2. Keep those ..clouds away....why is it always the are expecting always ...surprise you and hang on much longer...eventually when you almost...stop concentrating...then the baby catch you out......its quite exhausting.....this baby watching business...mine are to....mid July !......going off my dates.... Jayne