Friday, 22 July 2011

Belinda's baby!

Things have been a little hectic and the blog has got a bit behind.  Today should have been a peaceful day of cleaning fields with a quick trip to the hairdressers.  I had just put the phone down this morning when it rang again - it was Sam calling to say Belinda had suddenly popped out her cria!  I have been watching for it for ages and suddenly there it was - our third Dude baby and another girl!  This is another solid white and a stonker at almost 11kg.  Belinda delivered her in minutes with no dramas and it was soon up and feeding.  No name yet as we are still deliberating.
As usual I have completely overdone it with the iodine and purple spray! 

Trouble, Bert's baby, is now doing well with her bottle and proving the easiest bottle fed I have had.  We are doing 350ml at a go with 5 feeds starting at a respectable 8am and ending about 9pm.  Long may it continue, but I am not banking on it!  Bert and I are finding even this easy routine quite exhausting and have to have several rests during the day!!

Trouble has made firm friends with Yossarian.

And I am pleased with Tilbo's progress (broken leg) as today he started to play with the others and managed several jumps.  The Slink (the suri girl) is a bit of a menace as, despite Crispie having lots of milk and weighing 18kg already, she is constantly drinking from everyone else.  I have never seen a cria do it before but she has it off to a fine art and sneaks in for a quick drink while the Mother's own cria is drinking - I am having to watch her with Belinda as she was trying to get the colostrum which the new one needs.  Flamenco's baby - String (Pretty Cool) is lovely and doing well.


  1. Well done, Belinda!
    Lovely photos, Rosemary.

  2. Lovely photos Rosemary...hope you haven't spoilt the new hair do!

    What a great head she has (the cria)...and a lovely shade of purple...we have a few that colour.

    We did have a cria last year; Kenzie, who was a milk thief.

  3. Goodness me Rosemary, those Dude babies look good. Wow!. Really pleased for you.


  4. Lovely photo's Rosemary. Dude's cria is certainly a whopper! I too am over enthusiastic with the purple spray!!

  5. Congratulations on another quality Dude baby !...I must have missed something...I didn't know Tilbo had broken his leg ! on earth have I missed that one !...hope he continues to improve......that new baby looks a cracker !....Jayne