Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Day for Reclining

No more accidents so far today but I have been somewhat incapacitated from yesterday.  My ankle has now swollen and getting around is slow going.  I have had to resort to a good recline every half an hour.  Despite this we managed to do Zara's spit off but getting the Bert back in the field afterwards was hard going.  She wanted to stay where she was and everytime I shoved her, she lay down.  In the end I got her back with a handful of alpaca mix but it took a bit of doing.  I am pleased to say that Zara spat convincingly which is good news.

I have no photos tonight as I was unable to hold my stick and the camera but I shall have a good go tomorrow.  Trouble is doing very well with her bottle and is following people around a bit less so that looks good - she has also put on weight.  She does have slightly weepy eyes but I put that down to the wind which is quite fierce today.

Now we are popping out for fish and chips as I am unable to drive so couldn't go shopping.  Sam will have to have his warmed up as he is off to help The Boys and The Shepherd with some bale throwing -  whatever that might be!

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