Thursday 17 March 2016

The Badgers are here!

My car is jinxed - now it appears to have a tyre problem (thank you GHN for spotting that).  Regardless, we soldier on and last night I acquired a few little badgers - - the sheep variety!

Lambs are all growing up - some of the Southdown crosses look like little old men!

The sun coming out has made life far easier - hopefully, no rain for a while, and things will dry out!
Despite not mentioning them, things have not been quiet on the alpaca front and four should be going to a lovely new home very soon - more on that another time as now I must whip off and check for new lambs!


  1. What pretty little things those badgers are! Hope all goes well with the alpaca move, sad to say "Goodbuye!" but as long as it's a good home they're off to, it makes letting go a little easier doesn't it?!

    1. Sad - but good as it is a lovely home. The Badgers are so sweet but mum's ultra protective!!