Saturday 12 March 2016

Mostly about my car

Sorry, this is not really alpaca or sheep related!  Lambing continues - nearing the end now although I do have the 4 Dorpers at the beginning of April.  Alpacas are ticking along nicely - they have had two visitors in the last week, something Trouble enjoys immensely.

Real subject of this blog, though, is cars - my car to be more precise!  Eight days ago - a day etched in my mind - my shopping was stolen from my car whilst parked at the field.  This made me hopping mad but I blamed myself as I was carrying a sick lamb and various other bits so locked the car but did not check the boot and the central locking can be erratic.  I assumed it was my fault and the boot had bee unlocked as they had obviously got in through the boot.  They had left a £400 camera on the floor in the front and, incidentally, a £10 note in the side pocket - I think I disturbed them coming up the track as I did hear someone whistle.  Anyway, cross as I was, I blamed myself.

Well - today Carl went to get something from my car and this is what he sported on the passenger door - Eight days ago and I had not noticed it!

It wasn't my fault!!  They had taken a screwdriver or some such and made a hole which enabled them to open the locked boot.

Now I need a new door!!

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  1. Err! What ratbags some people are. Hope your insurers will cover the least they missed the camera!