Wednesday 17 December 2014

Fetes and things

From the photo you would be forgiven for thinking we were now doing so well we had hired a glamorous assistant!  The real reason the knitting is sharing a stall at Ibberton Fete with the very talented artist; is that we were unable to go.  We had to be in Devon, so left a few pieces of knitting to share a stall.  I hear the Fete was very well attended and a great success with trees, wreaths, puddings and jams and everything else flying off the stalls - well done!!

We are nearly out of knitting now but my new yarn is ready for collecting so after Christmas it is going to be a knitting marathon!  And we may have recruited a floral ornament knitter to embellish hats - more on that next year!

Everything is a bit grey, muddy and murky here but we have managed to get some decorations up in the house.  My tree looks terrible.  I had the idea of putting it in he window on the windowsill but the problem with that was that I couldn't get behind it so I has bald patches and just looks a mess.  Once it was done Carl said I should have decorated it and then placed it in the window - too late now!

We also managed to find time to deliver a little sold boy - Cedric (although he may have a name change soon).  He has gone as a companion to a boy who lost his friend.  They seem to have settled really well together and were tucked up together in a shelter when we went to check up on them.

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