Friday 12 December 2014

D - Day

Before I tell you about today (D stands for disaster) I must apologise to regular readers for the sporadic nature of my blogging.  It is all due to a camera problem - the camera takes really rubbish pictures now, I think caused by dirt and general neglect.  I am hoping my brother can assist me with it but for now I am on mobile phone pictures and they are not very good.  People don't like blogs without pictures so blogging is a little lacking.  Anyway - here we go with a mobile phone picture blog and today has not been pleasant.

First thing I fell down the stairs.  It was dark and I tripped over the cat my behind is now bruised (don't worry no photo of that) and my side and arm hurts - the cat is fine.

I arrived at the fields to find all alpacas wet and muddy but looking fine
Greeves waiting for his hay

. . . and then went in to second field only to find a field shelter in the Southdown field had blown over (and it was one tied down with ratchet straps) - on it's way over it had taken out the fence.  Luckily, the Southdowns are very well behaved and they were all standing by the gap waiting for me - thankfully none of them had been sheltering inside or behind it - or, if they were, they had escaped it.
This year's remaining lambs - not sure why I took this, or why I am including it!  Grace's little white Southdown cross looks like a toy!

This afternoon I managed to fall in the stream whilst clearing debris and then couldn't get back up the bank - obviously, I have now managed to get out, by crawling on my hands and knees, but that didn't help my previous falling down stairs injuries.


  1. Hope your bruises are soon all gone.....why no photo of you after hands and knees to escape from the stream?!
    Love the little Southdown cross! Hope you have a less eventful lead up to Christmas!

  2. Crikey...looking forward to some better news!

  3. Let's hope that as 'things' come in threes, you can look forward to an absence of such catastrophes for a while!