Friday, 1 January 2016

21 - almost!

A very happy New Year to all!

As usual Christmas was upon us before we were ready for it.  I cooked the turkey and then trundled it down to Mother's to have dinner at her house (being a lot cleaner than ours and possessing a table and dish washer).  The turkey was the strangest beast I have ever had in my oven - it appeared to be breastless.  Initially, I thought I had cooked it upside down but closer inspection of leg joints confirmed it was the right way up, however, the breast appeared to have sunk and was situated underneath it.  The only explanation I can come up with which is reasonably feasible was that it was an old bird and rather saggy.  It tasted okay, just looked odd. 
Christmas Day night was very noisy as Sam, Kristy and both tractor lads appeared (one brought his Parp Parp Penguin cracker to add to the festivities - his Mother has told him to give it back and not to let it darken her doors again!).  Carl put on his new shearing trousers and vest and tried to remember how to shear a sheep whilst Kristy and Sam demonstrated the proper use of Star Wars light sabres.

Boxing Day we visited Carl's parents which was far more civilised and where we ate far too much beef.  Since then there has been a lot of rain and wind but, despite this, we have managed to get the sheep checked over and feet done where  necessary.  The home girls have taken up residence in the poly tunnel but are still filthy - quite happy though.

Despite the mud we now have to get on with halter training the three little boys as they need to go on the sales list before too long.  It is also, and I can't really believe this, Sam's 21st birthday on Monday - time has flown - seems only yesterday he was like this!

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