Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Will it dry up soon?


It is supposed to be getting colder and drier - so far we have a bit of cold but still getting rain.  Mud is the big problem as the alpacas - and the sheep - are churning the ground up and turning field shelters and poly tunnels into bogs.  All I can do is put down straw and hope for the best but I do worry someone is going to come a cropper as they charge down for feed.  Sapphire is limping but I can't see anything seriously wrong so I will give her a day and see if it improves.  This is the sight that greets me every morning and I have to push everyone out in order to stare in dismay at the state of the floor and attempt to make it look less like a toilet/mud bath!  Roll on spring!

This morning I managed to make it to computer club and have finally sorted my laptop a bit - I couldn't open word documents which meant the last invoice I sent ended up as a blank bit of paper - not ideal!  Computer club is only down the road in the village and I shall be going again as it is very helpful.

Carl was a bit over excited last night as I told him I needed him for 20 minutes in the bedroom when he got home from work - the excitement did not last when he realised it was to turn the mattress and hoover under the bed!

At the moment I am feeling my age as artists I grew up with seem to be dying - Lemmy first and now David Bowie.  I had posters of Bowie on my wall as a teenager and his records remind me of my youth - record players, LPs, Sunday evening chart countdown which I listened to on a radio with a green light that had to warm up before you got the station!


  1. I think most folks are getting fed up with the mud at the moment! Our "white" cria actually rolled in it yesterday, so you can imagine what she looks like at the moment! Roll on Spring!

  2. Hopefully you will now have the frost like us. We too are getting the occasional limp (soon to mend) from slipping. Now it's frozen rough ground that is a problem!!! Ditto Judi

  3. Same here Rosemary - the frost hasn't lasted long enough, and despite two dry days ( a bit drizzly overnight) it's still squelchy, and more rain coming on tuesday.