Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What a lovely surprise!

Still raining!  Gales as well so everywhere is even muddier and I am going through several sets of clothes a day.  Overall it has been a bit of a sad few days and I hadn't planned to blog yet but today I had a lovely surprise which has been just what was needed.  Went down to the library van and had to do a double take as on the counter I saw this!
Try to ignore the fact that I have not done any cleaning for days!  A beautiful stand for leaflets - copy of the logo!  Here is the other side -

So pleased with it - thank you to the Knight and the GHN - what a wonderful surprise!

Smiling over that is going to keep me going through mud, wet and rain this afternoon as I check sheep - sheep who are due to start lambing at the weekend!  I would rather sit by the fire and knit at the moment but little Grace the Southdown is looking very big udder wise and very gaping back end wise.  The flower Lady is producing far more than I am at the moment and brought round beautiful hats, scarves and arm warmers yesterday.  I am also hoping to get to the mill on Friday as I need more fleece spun - a thicker yarn this time so I can experiment with cables.  I have also had discussions with The Natural Fibre Company regarding mixing Southdown, Romney and alpaca.  I haven't quite decided yet but it might be rather interesting.

Can't put it off any longer - got to go and check sheep!

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