Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Sun, Rain, Mud!

The sun has shone!  It wasn't when I did the sheep but then it did and the girls all drifted out of the poly tunnel and paddled in the sun.  It is a bit colder which is nice and I managed to check all round the sheep without having to shed a layer of clothing.  Quick rush home to get the camera for some nice drying, sun glinting alpacas - and it rained!  Alpacas shot back in the poly tunnel and the weather has been grey and muddy ever since.  Not sure what Lina was whispering to The Slink but I think it could have been a complaint about the state of the poly tunnel!
Carolyn was the only one who ventured out this afternoon - and that was only to hide behind a tree.
The sheep do not have the luxury of a field shelter or a poly tunnel but are not worried about it.
Sunday was, almost, a complete break from animals.  We went over the other side of Winchester to do a husbandry visit but then returned for Sam's 21st birthday celebrations - a day  at Muddy Bottom Pay and Play.  Driving around in mud - a lot of mud - did not, at first, seem much of a day out but I have to say it was brilliant.  Sam had some good mates there with him  and they all knew their vehicles and were well equipped!

Sam was itching to go through to the other bit but can't until he has some other bit of equipment on his truck - I don't suppose it will be that long before that materialises!

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  1. Well Rosemary, with all the rain there's been lately, I can't believe that you chose to have your day off.... playing in mud and paid for it too!! It looks horrible but glad to read that you had a great time. Happy 21st Birthday Sam!