Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Christmas to all!

Summery photo - no rain or mud!

Rain and wind - lots of rain and wind.  Mud - lots of that as well.  The girls are temporarily back in the front field and the garden as the back field is just too wet.  They find this very exciting but I am not sure I am going to have many strawberries next year.  This morning they were all jam packed in the poly tunnel having strewn hay around with gay abandon.  Photo did not come out well so a summery one instead.

Sadly my truck blew up the day before yesterday.  I left it running whilst taking Greeves his hay and there was a sudden noise like a pile of scaffolding collapsing.  I drove it slowly up to the sheep with a lot of clanking going on and by the time I had got back to the barn it was steaming from under the bonnet.  I abandoned it and Carl has now diagnosed multiple problems - luckily he has also fixed multiple problems so I am field mobile again.

Well, we have a tree up, most presents and cards are done and delivered, mine pies made, mince pies eaten.  I have the best ever Christmas crackers this year - I have a bit of a thing abut crackers.  I don't like pulling them, I just like looking at them and guessing what is inside.  I have still got left over crackers from donkeys of years ago that I bring out every year but a few years ago now I realised that Sam was opening them and taking out any good prizes and then sealing them back up again so I doubt if much of any use is left inside them.  This year's crackers are disappearing fast as they are particularly good and people keep walking off with them!  They are penguins which you can reuse, they don't bang just make a little parp sound (you can make a cheap Lidl version with a McDonalds cup - just push the straw up and down in the lid - we discovered this on our long journeys at the weekend!).
Last bit of present wrapping - accompanied by a GHN produced CD!!

Incidentally,  me wheel spinning out of the drive as the Carol singers approached was not, despite whatever the Grave Digger might think, avoidance tactics!  Kane (the new ram) needed checking as he is a little feisty at the moment

A very Happy Christmas to anyone reading!!

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