Friday, 18 December 2015

Catching up

I have been remiss in my blogging I know and that has been as I have had a worrying time.  However, all is now well - in fact all is VERY well.  All alpacas are extremely well - in fact they are very, very well and healthy!  So, what have we been up to?  Christmas Fayres and markets mostly which has meant a lot of knitting.  We have sold well and my mind is busy planning new things but I am being strict with myself and there is to be no more knitting until Christmas is organised, presents are wapped, sheep feet are tackled (ongoing problem), alpacas are moved around and - important this one - sold alpacas are delivered!  Due to getting tests done and results back delivery of alpacas had to be delayed so Saturday we are off to Cambidgeshire (or maybe it is Lincoln) somewhere flat anyway.  Sunday it is Winchester way and then over Salisbury way followed, if time, by a quick toe nail visit down the road.  Come to thing of it I might fit a little knitting in during all that traveling.  It does mean I will miss the Carol Service at the Methodist Chapel and I am not sure we will be in for the Carol Singers on Monday Evening but we will see how we go (can't open my front door anyway at the moment as it has a severe warp).
All alpacas are wet, filthy, bedraggled and unworthy of a photo but next week we will see!

I have also gained a cat.  Can't find who it belongs to but it comes every morning and evening and shrieks at me from a perch on the recycle bin until I feed her  (or could be a him).  My cats are afraid of it and cower until it goes away.  When it first arrived it was very thin - but it is not thin now!

Sunday I am also collecting my new sheep - now when am I going to do my Christmas shopping?


  1. Glad to hear all is well with you all. Hope you manage a relaxing Christmas!

    1. Thank you Barbara! Not quite relaxing yet - but maybe soon!!