Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hope today, knitting tomorrow

Today saw us at another Christmas Market.  This one was at Hope Nature Centre and was the first time we had been to an event there with the knitting.  Not, however, the first time we have visited as they take a group of lambs each year for visitors to see in the animal park.  They also have our two original alpacas Dobby and Caedmon (although I think Caedmon has a different name now!). It is a great place to visit and was set up to provide work placements for young adults with learning difficulties.
Anyway, it was a lovely, if bitterly cold, day and I managed to visit the sheep and alpacas - good to see them all again.
The photo shows when I was setting up so I did organise it marginally better by the time it opened!  The new mannequin head was an attraction on it's own as it mesmerised children and one gentleman had to do a double take as he thought it was real!  Thank you to GHN for sourcing it for me!  We sold well and I also came away with three orders.  This is good but I somehow have to fill the orders and knit more for next weekend as we are low yet again.  I am going to crawl round to the Flower Lady next week as see if I can tempt her into taking on a hat as one she made was so popular it has been requested again!

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  1. The stand looks great, glad you sold well although , as you say, it does create more work in replenishing stocks!